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Scottsdale, Arizona Pool Supplies and Chemicals

swimming pool warehouse, phoenix swim pools, phoenix swimming pools, Scottsdale, Arizona homeowners have relied on The Swimming Pool Warehouse to provide high quality pool supplies and chemicals for many years! Our courteous staff at The Swimming Pool Warehouse will help you fix any swimming pool or spa problem that you may be having.

For maximum enjoyment and longevity of your swimming pool or spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, it is very important to make sure that the balance of chemicals is perfect. The filtration systems of your pool or spa does a majority of the work removing debris from the water, but the chemicals are what fine tune the water to make it crystal clear! By using the correct balance of chemicals, you will prevent the development of dangerous pathogens. A dirty pool can easily develop disease-carrying microorganisms that can be transferred form one person to another!

An imbalance of pool chemicals can also cause your pool or spa to be “cloudy”, damage various parts of your pool or spa, and cause skin and eye irritation!

The pool supplies and chemicals experts at The Swimming Pool Warehouse are pros at knowing just how to get that perfect balance in your Scottsdale, Arizona swimming pool or spa. At The Swimming Pool Warehouse, we carry a wide variety of different water testing kits to help you keep your swimming pool or spa water in balance.

The Four Basic Chemicals to Check in Your Scottsdale, Arizona Pool or Spa

Chlorine is a great pool cleanser. It destroys algae, bugs, plant life, microscopic germs, and bacteria.

is the ability of the pool water to resist changes in pH.

Calcium Hardness
This test determines the levels of mineral calcium dissolved in your pool or spa water.

This is the measure of the acid to alkalinity balance. It is recommended that the pH level in your pool or spa be between 7.2 and 7.8.

It is advisable to always work with a pool expert before trying to balance your pool or spa chemicals by yourself. You do not want to create a bigger mess by accident! The Swimming Pool Warehouse always gives expert advice and will inform you of the products that will help keep your Scottsdale, Arizona swimming pool or spa in balance. You can always bring a water sample by and we will help you get everything back in balance!

At The Swimming Pool Warehouse, we have a wide range of pool cleaners, chlorinators, as well as many other swimming pool supplies. We only carry the most exceptional products to give you the most enjoyment in your Scottsdale, Arizona swimming pool or spa.

To learn more about the pool supplies and chemicals for your Scottsdale, Arizona pool or spa, give The Swimming Pool Warehouse a call at 480-483-6100. You can also stop our showroom located 14255 N. 79th Street, #1, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, right in the Scottsdale Airpark. You can also send us any question that you may have about pool services or chemical by submitting the form below. One of our staff members will get back to you shortly!

The Swimming Pool Warehouse…Scottsdale, Arizona’s Pool Supplies and Chemicals Warehouse!!!

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